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BD30AV-UHD series is the TRUE 4K HDR UHD Digital Video Audio Solid State Delay Lines without any data compression. Compatible with TRUE 4K UHD/HD & TICO/NMI IP variety of signal standards & formats.
Really the world's longest delay time, up to 720 seconds 4K HDR UHD SDI & or 4K TICO/NMI IP signals, over 2 hours HD-SDI in increments of 1 frame steps.
  1. BD30AV-UHD Series 4K Delay Lines
    BD30AV-UHD Series 4K Delay Lines
  2. BD30AV-UHD Series 4K Delay Lines
    BD30AV-UHD Series 4K Delay Lines
BD30AV UHD Series
TRUE 4K HDR UHD Digital Video Audio Solid State Delay Lines without any data compression. 
Compatible with TRUE 4K HDR UHD SDI, TICO & NMI IP signals with variety of signal standards formats. ...


·  Compatible with 4K HDR UHD/HD SDI signals, selectable 12G-SDI, 4 x 3G-SDI or HD-SDI inputs & outputs.

·  30 seconds delay time for 4K HDR UHD-SDI as the standard model, maximum up to 120 seconds delay time as the option.

·  Built-in 4K UHD/HD Frame synchronizer built-in, Gen lockable.

·  Provides up to 16 channels AES/EBU embedded 4K UHD SDI signal input & output.

·  Provide BYPASS feature on the front panel to cancel the delay.

·  Optional with audio offset feature to compensate the system lip Sync.

· Optional bi-direction conversion feature between 4K Single Link 12G-SDI & QL 4 x 3G-SDI signals.

·  Optional for the independent 4 channels HD-SDI delay lines.

·  Optional for 4K UHD-SDI signal generator built-in.

·  Optional for the second channel of 4K HDR UHD/HD SDI signal as the back up channel signal input & seamlessly switched out.

·  Optional for HDMI I/Os.

·  Optional for 10G SFP+  IP input & output.

· Optional to support 4K TICO or LLVC NMI IP formats data streams input & outputs with SMPTE 2022-6,
   SMPTE 2022-7 hitless failover & SMPTE 2110.

· Optional for the stand alone remote control unit.

· Optional for the redundant hot swappable power supply.