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B&M is a leading 8K/4K video audio equipments and solutions provider in designing,  manufacturing  and  marketing video infrastructure products and solutions for the high-end video audio broadcast, video over IP networking and transmitting markets. 

B&M designs, produces and provides the broadcasters and customers with all ranges of the high end quality TRUE 8K/4K HDR UHD digital video audio delay lines, base band processors, TICO & LLVC NMI codecs, transcoders, converters, UHD SDI switchers, signal distributors, keyers, the digital & IP products throughout the world which are used in all stages of 8K/4K UHD & VR ultra high quality video processing systems. 

  1. BD30AV-UHD Series
    BD30AV-UHD Series
    TRUE 8K/4K HDR UHD Digital Video Audio Solid State Delay Lines without any data compression. Compatible with TRUE 8K/4K HDR UHD SDI or TICO/NMI IP variety of signal standards & formats. Really the world's longest delay time, up to 60 seconds 8K UHD signals in increments of 1 frame steps . . . . .
  2. BM ULTRA Series
    BM ULTRA Series
    ULTRA series is a set of extremely powerful 8K/4K video processor, TICO or LLVC NMI format encoder, decoder, transcoder & IP Switcher Gateway devices to convert 8K/4K UHD SDI to & from IP in a variety of formats, very reliable and efficient bridge solutions between UHD SDI & IP formats . . . . . .

BD30AV-UHD Sereis 8K/4K UHD/HD/IP Delay Lines

8K/4K TICO/NMI Codes & Converters

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Visit B&M at #C12328, NAB2019, 8~11 April - Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

B&Mwon Outstanding Broadcasting Technology Product Award.

B&M gained the high recognition and praise from RedBee Netherland.

won Technology Innovation Award in BIRTV2018.

 showed the wolrd's longest 4K delay lines & TICO 4K IP codecs in NAB2018.​​